Steve MacLeod is an accomplished bagpiper living in Mendon, near Rochester, NY.  He is “all about” piping!
As a Solo Piper:
A great day at the Games!

As a soloist, Steve has played at about 175 weddings/celebrations, and nearly 500 memorial services. He brings consummate professionalism to every event. He has performed with full symphony orchestras, concert bands, folk bands and in high profile events such as the PGA Senior Tour and televised memorials. 

He has had multi-year tutelage under three world champion pipers and has attended several summer schools and many weekend master classes.

Steve is a certified competitor in grade II (only grade I is higher) in the Eastern United States and Midwest Pipe Band Associations as well as in the Piper and Pipe Band Society of Ontario.  He holds this certification in both “light” and “classical” piping. His solo efforts have earned him “Piper of the Day” at highland games.

As a Band Member:

In addition to competing in the solo arena, Steve currently plays with the Niagara Regional Police Pipe Band (Niagara Falls, ON). He also plays (and is the registered instructor) with the Feadan Or Pipe Band (Rochester, NY) . The active competitive schedule helps to maintain a keen performance edge.  In 2023, he played in the World Pipe Band Championships in Glasgow, Scotland.

Past pipe band involvement includes 14 years as Pipe Major of the Kalamazoo (MI) Pipe Band as well as piping in grade III and grade II bands in Rochester, Buffalo and Schenectady NY and in Detroit MI.

For Your Event:

Steve has a large musical repertoire. He plays all styles of pipe music and has composed several tunes. He does his best to include your special musical requests whenever possible and is happy to suggest Celtic (Scottish or Irish) tunes that would be appropriate for your event and vision. 

Steve plays both the Great Highland Bagpipe and the Scottish smallpipes – a smaller, relatively quiet instrument which can be most suitable for some smaller venues and background performances. 

A unique aspect of Steve’s skill-set is his ability to manage his instrument outside in western New York’s winter weather. He has played dozens of memorial services outside in the snow and cold.

Steve has now retired from his career as a PhD Chemist and is generally available to play when you need quality piping.  If he can’t personally pipe for your event, he knows all the better players in the area and will make an effort to find a good piper for you.

For Area Pipers:

Private instruction is available for self-motivated, hard-working pipers interested in performance and/or competition. Using tunes generally outside the common street band repertoire, the lessons will address technical competence, expression and sound quality on the bagpipe. (Aspiring chanter students and/or fledgling pipers should reach out to the Feadan Or Pipe Band program to become a well-prepared, basic player.)

Instrument refurbishment and minor repair services are also available.